Delivers Health
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Delivers Health
and Safety Solutions
Employee Hearing Tests


  • Our program provides the client with a specialized on-site hearing service. Our company takes care to ensure that there is a knowledge transfer from Noront to the client regarding the test results. For example, we advise on care and use of hearing protection or on the medical attention that maybe required.

On-site Testing

  • We take occupational and audiological histories and perform hearing tests in a mobile hearing unit.
  • An employee who shows an unusual pattern is retested and follow-up procedures are recommended.


  • We assess individual audiometric results as they pertain to work and lifestyle activities.

Test Analysis

  • We identify adverse changes from the previous year.
  • We quantify compensable levels.
  • We analyze progressive hearing losses.

Records Management

  • We provide computer analysis and reports for companies who currently operate their own in-house testing.
  • We provide audiological and occupational work-ups for compensable claims.

Noise Surveys

Noront offers in-plant ambient noise surveys, employee dosimetry testing, and noise control analysis.

Noront produces noise reports that describe excess noise exposure levels and recommend remedial action with a view to reducing long term employee hearing loss risks.

Our associates provide:

  • Noise engineering solutions for complex work sites.