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Case Study: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome injury

Company: This example involves an Ontario machine tool company that produces computer aided machined steel products for the mining and forest products.

Patient: Fifty-four year old machinist.

History: This patient had developed a high level of discomfort in his wrists after having worked as a machinist for 26 years. His symptoms included numbness and tingling in his hands and arms. His right hand would become numb when driving an automobile on a long trip. He would also be awakened at night with soreness and pain in both arms. His symptoms would be noticeable in the mornings and evenings.

Diagnosis: Work related carpal tunnel syndrome.

Treatment: In this case the patient underwent bi-lateral carpal tunnel release surgery. He was off work for 6 weeks recuperating from the surgery as well as under-going a physiotherapy program. He noticed a significant loss of grip strength post – op, even after undergoing several weeks of re-hab. He was replaced by a machinist with 3 years of experience during his time away from work.

Financial costs of the claim: The company was liable for several associated costs.

Injured workers salary (at 85%) which was $20.45 per hour for 6 weeks $4,171.80
Replacement worker (at 100%) which was at $20.45 per hour for 6 weeks $4,908.00
Replacement worker’s benefit package at 24% of his salary $1,177.92
The company also calculated that the injured worker was producing products at a rate of $155.00 per hour during a normal work shift. They noted that the younger less experienced worker was able to produce at a rate that was 14% less than the injured worker prior to his injury. This amounted to a loss in production to the company of $21.70 per hour for the 6 week period. $5,208.00
Also, due to the side effects of the surgery (20% loss of grip strength and only a moderate reduction of the original symptoms) the injured worker did not return to full production after his injury. $4,200.00
Also this injury affected potential rebates that the company might have realized from its payments into WSIB had the injury not occurred at all. $4,171.80
Total $23,837.52